Pleasantwood Homes, LLC, is a builder of quality homes owned and operated by husband and wife team Dan and Joyce Marsters. Together they build and deliver specially designed high-quality homes. Their home designs focus on liveability and practicality of today’s lifestyles and needs, and are complimented by ‘cutting edge’ interior design. Paying attention to detail and customer satisfaction are the top priorities.

At Pleasantwood Homes, they truly listen to their clients and help them focus on their priorities when building a new home. For instance, they often say, “It’s not always about more space, it’s about creating the right space!” From designing the floor plan to selecting the proper lighting fixture, the client deals directly with Dan and Joyce as they guide you through every step of the home building process. One of the hallmarks of Pleasantwood Homes’ service is to offer a professional building and interior design experience. It is more than just a job for Dan and Joyce at Pleasantwood Homes; it is a passion and lifestyle that they live on a day-to-day basis. As the pineapple symbolizes a sense of welcome, warmth, and hospitality, Pleasantwood Homes welcomes you!